Not To Be Missed

We have put together details of things we would hate you to miss

  • Dolphins in the Moray Firth. All year but best in Summer.

    Dolphins Zephyr Breeze - Copyright 2011 PeterTruelove

    Dolphins - Peter Truelove

  • Over 30,000 Sea Birds nesting at Troup Head. April - July
  • Red Deer and Golden Eagle at Findhorn Valley.  All year.
  • Sea Duck and Divers on the Moray Firth. Winter.
  • Up to 80,000 Geese at Loch of Strathbeg. Autumn and Winter.
  • Ospreys breeding in Speyside. May - August.

    Osprey - Copyright Phil Smith

    Osprey - Phil Smith

  • Over-wintering Waders on the Cromarty Firth. Autumn and Winter.
  • Ptarmigan and Mountain Hare on the Cairngorms. All year but best in Winter.
  • Black-throated Divers breeding on inshore lochans. Summer.
  • Crested Tits, Crossbills and Pine Marten in Caledonian Pine Forests. All year.

    Crested Tit - Copyright 2011 Greg Morgan

    Crested Tit - Greg Morgan

  • Slavonian Grebe at Loch Ruthven. Spring and Summer.
  • Black Grouse lekking on the Glenlivet Estate. Spring.
  • Leaping Salmon at Falls of Shin or Linn of Dee. Autumn.
  • Red Deer rutting around Glenlivet. Autumn.

AUTUMN/RED DEER WEEK Sat 6th - Sat 13th October 2018

Join us to celebrate the arrival of Autumn with extra walks and field trips to look for the winter migration arrivals as well hopefully catching the Red Deer rut. From 379pp DB&B for 4 nights, or from 651pp DB&B for 7 nights.,

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