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April 2014 Edition

Donít be fooled by April in the Highlands, it can seem very spring like one minute then the next a wintry blast with snow and ice, though with a bit of warmth now in the sun it never lasts long. By mid month the first Willow Warblers should arrive, their song beginning to fill the quiet forests and then the flood gates open as more and more birds head north. 

March 2014 Edition

Although itís been a relatively dry winter in the Strath, the Cairngorms still have huge amounts of snow cover with up to 9m depth at the top and unless we get a very mild spell itís likely this will remain well into spring. 

February 2014 Edition

 With a relatively mild winter still in the Highlands we are already looking for early signs of spring as the days begin to lengthen.....

January 2014 Edition

 Spring may seem far away but already on calm clear days, one of our earliest breeding raptors, the Golden Eagle, will be on the wing displaying high above their territory and choosing which eyrie to use this season.......

December 2013 Edition

Though the days are at their shortest this month, the big advantage of this is the birds can be far more active, making use of the valuable daylight hours to feed, especially if the weather is turning colder.

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