The Watcher

September 2015 Edition

It doesn’t seem long at all since spring migration, and already autumn passage is in full swing this month. The end of August has already seen many drift migrants turning up on the Aberdeenshire coast with easterly winds and September is sure to see many more. With the trees turning reds and golds and the Heather still in bloom it is without doubt one of the most picturesque months of the year...................

August 2015 Edition

August can actually be a frenetic time for bird activity, especially in the north with birds feeding up for the coming migration and plenty of active young on the wing...........

July 2015 Edition

Despite a rather wet and cold June, there still seems to be plenty of newly fledged young birds around the forests and wader chicks in the fields, and the first juvenile Sandwich Terns are already being seen along the Moray Firth. 

June 2015 Edition

Mid-summer in the Highlands, and with over 18 hours daylight there is plenty of opportunity for wildlife watching with the long evenings, remember sunset will be after 10pm by mid-month and barely dark even by 11.30pm! 

May 2015 Edition

With Daffodils often still in bloom, May sees spring peak in the Highlands with a sudden rush of vibrant green as the birches and larch finally spread their leaves. Waders will already have their first brood, defending their territory aggressively to any passing predator or birdwatcher. 

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