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May 2017 Edition

By now the last of the summer migrants should have arrived, with the return of Spotted Flycatchers usually heralding the end of another spring migration in the Highlands, these birds have shown a remarkable shift north. Now scarce in England but an increasingly  common sight in Highlands woodlands, especially around Strathspey.......

April 2017 Edition

With the clocks now pushed forward and rapidly lengthening days, spring is truly in the Highland air. The first returning Ospreys are busy repairing nests, Divers and Slavonian Grebes are now back on their breeding lochs and waders have returned to the farmland and moors. 

March 2017 Edition

After the hard days of winter, March finally sees Spring officially arrive, though in the Highlands any milder days still regularly give way to bitter winds and snow storms. Flocks of Lapwings and Curlews have already been sighted flying up the river Spey and Findhorn and by March will be already be starting to hold territory and display.........

February 2017 Edition

Well weve had some snowy days but at the moment it seems to have all gone again and the hills look more like May than January. Its good news for the smaller birds but not so good for Ptarmigan and Mountain Hares trying to seek refuge in their white plumage. Fingers crossed this month may see the hills turn white once again.

January 2017 Edition

The beginning of another year and already we are seeing the days begin to lengthen and if you look hard enough even the first few tentative signs of wildlife looking ahead to another breeding season........

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