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September 2016 Edition

With the current heatwave of 27 degrees today, Swifts still screaming over Grantown itís hard to turn to the cold and misty mornings ahead, but September brings with it a beauty like no other month to the Highlands.......

August 2016 Edition

With the ďdog daysĒ of summer nearly over, by August we already begin to see the first changes towards autumn in the Highlands. The remaining Curlews, Lapwings and Oystercatchers call restlessly over the farmland and flocks of Meadow Pipits scatter along the roadsides as you drive....... 

July 2016 Edition

Hopefully by now we should be seeing local bird populations swell with newly fledged young on the wing always a great sight to see. Some species carry on with a second brood, others like Crested Tits tend to be single brooded unless maybe their first clutch is predated. Itís a great time for birding as many of the youngsters and adults tend to flock together in areas where there is rich feeding......

June 2016 Edition

If you fancy birding from dusk until dawn at this time of year youíll certainly be needing a siesta, with over 18 hours of daylight to play with it never really gets completely dark. The uplands are alive with waders busily feeding their chicks, as Short-eared Owls hunt over the heather and cuckoos dash after Meadow Pipits looking for a likely nest to parasitise......

May 2016 Edition

May sees the sky above Grantown come alive with the screams of Swifts, the old buildings providing plenty of nest sites for this master of the skies. Visiting the hotel you may have been forgiven for thinking they never left last year, as a resident Starling has been mimicking a perfect Swift scream from the hotel roof for most of the winter and is still there. 

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