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February 2017 Edition

Well weíve had some snowy days but at the moment it seems to have all gone again and the hills look more like May than January. Itís good news for the smaller birds but not so good for Ptarmigan and Mountain Hares trying to seek refuge in their white plumage. Fingers crossed this month may see the hills turn white once again.

January 2017 Edition

The beginning of another year and already we are seeing the days begin to lengthen and if you look hard enough even the first few tentative signs of wildlife looking ahead to another breeding season........

December 2016 Edition

It looks as if it is truly going to be a Waxwing winter this year, with large flocks of birds appearing on the Moray Firth coasts as well as inland. The largest was estimated at seven hundred plus around Forres with at least two hundred been seen locally around Aviemore. Itís likely these birds will stay around with so many berries to feed on so there should be plenty of great seasonal photography opportunities. 

November 2016 Edition

After one of the most spectacular autumn migrations on record for rare and unusual birds turning up, November sees things settling down in to winter, though who knows what may be lurking out there still to be found......

October 2016 Edition

Itís a bumper berry crop this year in the Strath with the Rowans dripping bright red fruit everywhere you look, which is good news for the birds this autumn as well as the birdwatchers. Migrant thrushes will stop to feed longer on their way through, and in past years with so many berries 10s of thousands can gather in the area, especially as this is usually their first landfall and they are hungry birds! .......

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